Helps brands to grow and individuals to make living from what they love.

Through the pandemic, it wasn’t easy for me watching my close people lose their essential jobs and have no other source of income. Maybe everything starts from here…

My goal is to teach people how to hunt the market needs and fulfill them digitally which makes them highly earn and as a side effect, change the world for the better.

“Some steps need to be taken alone. It’s the only way to really figure out where you need to go and who you need to be.”

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May 1996
I came to life

My mother was right when she said 'we live in a crazy world'

Start Civil Work
Aug 2016
Start Volunteering

SMS’16 was the gate to Participate in +15 volunteering activates between civil work projects and main events.

Head of public relations
August 2018
Head of Public Relations

leads scienseek team to makes +30 partnerships deals done in less than 2 months.

October 2018

Graduated from faculty of commerce, Alexandria university, Accounting Section.

SEO Specialist
Dec 2018
SEO Specialist / Web Designer

Design the website and builds up an SEO strategy that drive ‘Alexapps' to rank #3 in the whole MENA.

Feb 2019
Head of Public Relations at ACF

Deal with 7 partnerships that boost our film-making production efforts.

First modeling
Feb 2019
First Modeling Performance

It was in France for @Cohub rebranding event.

PR Training
Mer 2019
First PR Training

I was honored to make my first public relations training for superfny, one of the leading technical education innovations in Egypt.

Then it was followed by train 8 startups and organization teams over Alexandria.

Pick'nGo Model
Apr 2019
Pick'nGo Ad

One of the biggest highlights of my modeling career and which was published later on the brand’s official social media platforms.

The Maze idea
Jul 2019
The Maze Campaign

My officially first campaign – the maze - goes to @mindutopia, which had a massive impact on spreading the organization's awareness over the city.

Social Media Specialist
Sep 2019
Social Media Specialist / Copywriter / Media Buyer

Create social media strategies then copywriting, paid media and analyze data till successfully improved +14 brands’ ROI.

Affiliate Marketer
Apr 2020
Affiliate Marketer

During the pandemic, I Started one of my biggest professional self-learning paths ever.

I build up online brands aiming to fulfill determining market needs by creating awareness content around the problem and refer to the best products/services that make it solved.

May 2020
Social media specialist at bluebird

creates a full digital marketing strategy for 3 clients located in Egypt and the gulf area.

Event Speaker
Sep 2020
Public Speaker at @enactus opening

It was a pleasure to be a main speaker in enactus’20 opening ceremony talking about digital personal branding.

Oct 2020
Mezophobia Film

Huge achievement although my small role, Mezophobia has been accepted in 11 international festivals all over the world.

Notion System Creator
Nov 2020
'notion.so' System Creator

I totally digitalize my life using notion, from goal planning systems to even plan my next Serie show.

Above all, I have created an integrated system that manage marketing, digital marketing and branding like a piece of cake.

Dec 2020
Digital Marketing Manager at @3lmacademy

I built up @3lmacademy branding and the whole digital marketing flows. and now it considered one of the top e-learning platforms through Alexandria.

Feb 2021
Digital Marketing Manager at @businessexe

Creates full digital marketing strategies to +5 clients / Play the link between all other corporations / build an online therapy website that connects the therapist with special needs.

Apr 2021
Media Buyer at @mindev

After this experience, I promote +200 digital ads to +15 clients in a variety of industries using ads manager.

Content Creator
Oct 2021
Content Creator

My brand-new experience, I share exclusive helpful content, tools and consultations that helps any entrepreneur to market his idea professionally and reach the scaleup he hope.

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