Mohamad Magdee

CX Developer

Mohamad Magdee | محمد مجدي

Full-Stack Digital Marketer

a well-rounded geek that helps your business from all marketing aspects.

Productivity Geek

Makes you set up the digital productive system that hits your goals.

'' System Creator

Turns any idea into a comprehensive system that you can track easily using ''

Why I'm Here?

I Help you ride the digital wave.

No matter what you business is about, you have the right to see it scaling up.

As a full-stack digital marketer, I am dedicated to helping you whatever you're a small business owner, startup founder, or big company to grow by using exclusive marketing techniques.

On the other hand, i help you as a kind-hearted individual to digitize your world to be more productive and hits your personal / professional goals.

Mohamad Magdee | محمد مجدي

From brand building to budgeting''

My name is mohamad magdee, Since i begin my journey as a digital marketing freelancer nearby 3 years ago, I ‘ve done remote work for agencies, consulted for startup, and collaborated with talented people like you to create impactful brands.

I love helping CEOs to drive business results, marketers to improve their professional experience and individuals to boost their productivity.

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